One of the first needs students have is finding housing. Since we have a large base of volunteers it is very possible that some of these volunteers might be interested in renting a room to a student. But we can can’t guarantee this. If you need housing please send us your request using the “Contact Us” form. One of the most useful sources for finding housing is an online service called “Craigslist“. Many students have found this site very helpful in finding housing and other services here in the bay area. At this website you can find many items for sale to help you set up your new place.


Another service we provide is “Airport Pickup” from the three bay area airports (San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland). If you would like us to help you with this please use our “Contact Us” form. Include all of your flight arrival information like airline company, flight Number, arrival time and airport you will be flying into. There is a small charge of $20 for this service to help pay for the cost of gas.

Once you have arrived here you will then need to become familiar with our local transportation systems. There are many systems operating in each county. The best online source is Transit.511.org. Another resource for you in getting to and from places in your city is by asking for a ride from one of our faithful and dependable volunteers. So don’t hesitate to ask for help by using the “Contact Us” form. Once you are settled into your new home you might consider buying a car. Please let us help you with this as there are many legal issues you should be aware of. Of course you can check out “Craigslist” to find a good car. Before you purchase a car you will need to acquire a drivers license. To obtain information about getting a drivers license go to the Department of Motor Vehicles website. At this website you can find all the information for driving in California. There are many instructional videos at this website to help you learn about taking the written test then the driving test as well.

One of best resources for you is our wonderful volunteers who desire to be your friend and help you with anything while you study here. So, please take a moment and register with us so we can begin connecting you with an friend.  Use our “Contact Us” form to introduce yourself to us.