Student Comments

“ISI really helped me get started during my life here at Stanford. You arranged airport pick-up and a place for me and my family to stay when first arrived. You connected me with others who helped me find a home for us. That is very difficult for us as scholar family. I thank the God for you.”  •  Xiang, Scholar from China

“When I came to here, I felt just like a baby. Back in Korea I’m a doctor; my wife is a dentist. We know how to do everything. When we come here, we are so confused about how things work. But you and ISI helped us so much, give us confidence, connect us with friends. I believe God really put you into our lives.”  •  Joon, Medical Scholar from Korea

“一万个感谢也不能表达我的感激之情。No words can express my gratitude. I am very fortunate to have you as mentors and friends. I will miss you and your loving family. Hope to see you guys again in a couple of years.”  •  Ling, China

“I truly admire you for all you do to make our lives fun n memorable. Thanks for ISI too. God bless you.” •  Chana, Nepal

“What you do in ISI is amazing. Because here we are not having any organization like this [in my home country], who make peoples life full of event, full of good and bright memories, full of good people.”  •  Berik, Kazakhstan