Stanford University

At Stanford University, ISI partners with like-minded organizations to assist and encourage both the international student / scholar community – some 4700+ strong – and engage the local community of Christ-followers to truly welcome and love those from other lands.

If you are an international student, scholar or spouse at Stanford, you are welcome to contact the ISCO organization. Here is their website.

We seek to help ALL internationals regardless of religious background. It is our pleasure to serve you through offering. Students, if you need help in the the following areas please contact ISCO or us by clicking on “contact us” from the above drop down menu.

  • Arrival help.
  • Occasional activities.
  • A safe place to explore issues of faith.
  • An opportunity to grow as a Christ-follower.
  • A mentor to meet ONE:ONE – to grow personally, spiritually and, in many cases, professionally.