Volunteer Comments

“It’s been a terrific experience for our family to have some Chinese students in our home. Giving them a place to ‘land’ when they first arrive truly has impact. It is a tangible way to show God’s love and something we were able to do.”  •  Alan, volunteer

“These students are so open, so eager for friendship. For me, being involved is a way that I can let God work through me and touch nations. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much that in my retirement I’m devoting myself to this  work and finding it truly satisfying.”  •  Norm, volunteer and ISI Ministry Partner

“I’m new at ISI and just out of college. Since I’m around the same age as many of the students, I think they can really relate. And I think I understand them as well. ISI gives me a solid way I can have a global influence at home during this season of my life…before I head overseas again!”  •  Sondra, volunteer